Why aseptic?

Latest technology...

Production is made with a specially engineered model developed for production of fruit preparation of aseptic process lines. Since heat exchanges occur in shorter terms expressed in seconds with this new technology, nutritional values, color and form of the product is affected less and fresh form of the product can be maintained.

These products, that are one of the most important raw materials used in ice cream, cake sectors and in the products such as cake, biscuit and wafer, can be produced both in granular and puree, gel and sauce forms.

Granular sauces of fruits such as strawberry and sour cherry; rote grutze sauces which is mixture of four or five fruits; fruits sauces such as rose hip, strawberry and sour cherry are our primary products.

On the other hand, we also produce 1 lt. and 0,5 lt. ice cream sauces that are suitable for retail ice cream sellers, home consumption and grocery shelves.
Primary filling sizes:
Inside of cardboard box: 20 Lt.
Inside of plastic jerry can: 60 Lt.
Inside of metal barrel: 200 Lt.