Seğmen Useful Information

  • Countless benefits of the fruitsOpen or Close
    Strawberry Strawberry strengthens the body. Lower cholesterol and prevent embolism. Strawberry is very good antioxidant and strengthens the immune system. It is protective against cancer.

    Apricot is nutritious and appetizing. Since it involves plenty of iron it is good for anemia. It helps eliminating harmful substances from the body. It is protective against cancer, especially lung and skin cancer. It strengthens the body.

    Sour cherry
    It strengthens the body and stomach. It is antimicrobial. It reduces fewer and it is diuretic. Stops the diarrhea. Relaxes the body. It quenches. It helps to stop coughing. It stops one’s pains. It is anti-inflammatory. It is good for sleeping problems.

    It strengthens the body and immune system; provides energy; accelerates recovery; lowers high tension and cholesterol; prevents from arteriosclerosis and embolism; protector against cardiovascular diseases and cancer; has neuroleptic characteristics and eliminates tiredness.

    It flushes toxic chemicals out of the body, cleans the blood; robust the body; due to antifebrile effects used to reduce fewer in inflammatory diseases; useful in rheumatism, podagra, anemia and tuberculosis; due to the diuretic characteristic relieves constipation.

    It helps to flush toxic chemicals out of the body; good antioxidant; reduced tension and strengthens the body; help to relieve white leucorrhea; ripe blackberry has diuretic characteristic relieves constipation; green blackberry relieves diarrhea but if eaten too much may cause constipation; strengthens eyes and reduces swelling on the foots; good to hemorrhoid.

    Black mulberry
    Black mulberry reduces blood pressure; relieves the problems in the digestive system; increases the stomach secretion; strengthens hair and teeth.

    Quince strengthens stomach and bowels; good to relieve diarrhea but may cause constipation; relieves liver insufficiency; clears blood; good to tachycardia; beneficial in lung diseases such as bronchitis and tuberculosis and coughing; beneficial for children especially for bone development.

    Rose Hips
    Rose hips increase body resistance; strengthen body and eyes; increase prurience; faster blood speed and clear blood; soften bowels and facilitate digestion; as a good diuretic beneficial to constipation; relieve diarrhea.

    Pine Apple
    Pine Apple reduces risk of cancer by decreasing fat in the body; reduces coronary heart disease risk since it is fibrous food and reduces saturated fat rate and cholesterol; reduces high tension risk since it reduces sodium percentage in the body; helps digestive system and it is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Molasses: Source of energyOpen or Close
    Grape molasses
    Grape molasses increases the blood, provides energy, increase one’s appetite and very beneficial for pregnancy and baby development; strengthen stomach, bowel, kidney; beneficial for arteriosclerosis; relieves blood stream. MULBERRY MOLASSES: Mulberry molasses is very beneficial for patients who have anemia; good for stomach diseases especially ulcer; beneficial for asthma and bronchitis patients; increase body strength against cold; can be used as a energy source for athletes; helps growth and development of babies; helps development of intelligence of children; when used as gargle effective for mouth and throat diseases; commonly used in monilia disease seen in children.

    Mulberry molasses
    Besides having some benefits that grape molasses provide, mulberry molasses is beneficial for respiratory diseases, increases the body strength against cold temperatures. Mulberry molasses is also beneficial for children’s intelligence development. It provides protection for mouth and throat wounds when used as gargle.

    Carob molasses
    Carob molasses reduces cholesterol and balances tension; strengthening hearth; its effects for increasing potency and sperm become conclusive; strengths and dynamise the body; very effective for anemia; support teeth; strength bones; purgative; beneficial for children and pregnant women; comprises potassium, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc; used for lung diseases.

    Molasses with Tahini
    Molasses with tahini is delicious and energizing mixture especially in the breakfasts. Both molasses which is made primarily from grapes and many other fruits and tahini which is made from sesame are beneficial foods. Their delicious mixture is indigenous to our country and used especially in the winter season. Tahini halva and molasses with tahini that skinny children remember it from the breakfasts and many of us remember it from winter nights and fish tables, are nutrition sources indigenous to our country. I remember the days when my mother put the molasses with tahini in front of me saying “eat this” because I was “skinny”. Today I love eating this specific taste of my country.
  • Honey: Good for what ails you for 3000 yearsOpen or Close
    Honey is a wonderful energy source. Honey, with a high nutritious level, is very beneficial for anemia; strengths body and eyes; cures throat pains and inflammation; has diuretic characteristic; good for wounds on stomach and bowels, reliefs stomach pain; settle and relax the nerves; beneficial for heart throb and high tension; clears blood, regulates blood stream; beneficial for arteriosclerosis; cures catarrh; milk with honey is beneficial for driving out enterozoa from the body; salt added honey is used as guaiacol; honey is beneficial for hepatitis; accelerates epithelising; nourish, moisten and soften the skin.
  • Daily calorie calculationOpen or Close
    First, multiple your weight with "22" and after multiply with “1.3” if you don’t have a active life-style or "1,5" if you have a active life-style. For example, suppose that an active woman who is doing daily exercises weigh is 60. 60 x 22 x 1.5 = 1.980 calorie is necessary calorie for this woman to maintain her weight. This women has to reduce 500 calorie from this amount to lose half kg in a week (1.980-500=1.480). In other words, this woman should not exceed 1.480 calorie in order to lose half kg in a week.
  • What to pay attention when buying packaged goodsOpen or Close
    - Package must be examined and damaged packages should not be bought.
    - Expiration date must be checked.
    - Foodstuffs should be bought as fresh as possible. Should be stored, prepared and consumed with the conditions specified on the package.
  • Storage conditions for our productsOpen or Close
    Our products should be stored sunless, cool and dry areas.